Tips to Help Your Pensacola, FL Home’s Curb Appeal

One of the most important characteristics to sell a home is its curb appeal. A home’s curb appeal is what draws a buyer in.  When standing in front of the property a buyer can see the property for what it truly is. However, often times the property’s true beauty does not transfer over to the computer screen when potential buyers are looking properties up online. A simple explanation of this is because the person taking the pictures of the home has not been told the three secrets of how to make a property’s natural beauty come through on the other end of the camera.

The first secret of the trade is to remove all of the window screens. Home owners often times install lighting and shiny door handles to brighten up the front of a house. More times than not, when you are taking pictures, accessories like door handles and lighting do not really show up because they are small in comparison to other features on the house. By removing the window screens it makes the house more cheery and gives it a little sparkle in a photo. When window screens are in place, they can give the impression that the windows are dirty and gloomy. Once the screens are removed the home will look cheerier in photos and attract a future buyer’s attention.   

One aspect of curb appeal is how the yard itself looks, that is why our second tip is to water your mulch before you take a photo of your home or have a showing. Almost everyone loves to have a bright green and colorful yard and/or  garden. Watering your mulch will allow you to let the colors of your landscape pop. When mulch gets wet it turns a darker color, allowing the green grass to appear greener and the flowers to seem brighter.

When looking at a home, the looks of the walk way are very important. The walk way is the “red carpet” leading to the home. The most important thing is to make sure your pathway is clean and clear. When taking the photo of your home, don’t be afraid to  include the pathway in the picture. Including the pathway in the picture gives the photo a different vantage point of the home. If you are feeling very brave, stand two-three feet of the ground and take the picture with your walkway at an angle.  This new vantage point will create a picture that stands out more compared to other pictures in the MLS.  

We at Grand Realty hope this article helps you with your home selling process. All the information in this article came from the REALTOR magazine. If you need any help with Pensacola homes, Pensacola homes for sale, the Pensacola MLS, homes of sale in Milton/Pace, or any other real estate needs please feel free to give us a call or stop by the office. Our agents cannot wait to hear from you (850) 512-1185.