Lovely Pensacola, FL Home~ 11 Campbellton Lane

A unique home that can be called yours in the near future is located only 30 minutes away from the Pensacola Regional Airport and Pensacola Beach, and within 10 minutes of NAS Pensacola, Navy Hospital, NEX, and shopping. This newly renovated home is in a quiet neighborhood off of W. Jackson St and N. 72nd Ave. Take a leap of faith and step through the doors of your new home.

Better Understanding Homeowners Insurance

It seems like our lives are so busy and hectic that we find it hard to learn about the important but basic things of homeownership such as insurance. Homeowners insurance is one topic that easily gets overlooked, and we know very little about it. We often leave all the details to the insurance agent without fully understanding them and then we hope that we never have to make a claim. For most consumers, a home is the biggest investment we own, yet we underinsure them. There is so much to learn about homeowners insurance. It can be a tedious topic, but if we want to properly protect our assets we need to better understand it.