Five New Year’s Resolutions in Real Estate

At the end of every December, people make all kinds of resolutions for the coming year. Typically, these are things they want to improve about themselves, ways to make their day-to-day personal or work life better, or ideas to put them on track for a change. Many times these surface as a result of mistakes made in the past 12 months.

Selling a Rented Home Can Pose Challenges

Some homeowners turned into reluctant landlords and rented out their homes to earn extra income while the housing market was sluggish. But now some of these homeowners are ready to sell.

Four Tips to Help Your Pensacola, FL Home Sell

Placing your Pensacola, FL home up for sale can be a hard scary idea. If you place your home for sale and don’t take the proper steps it can be a long and trying process that leaves you scratching your head, thinking “Why will my home not sell?” Our goal is to give you a few ideas to help you with the home selling process.

Pensacola, FL Homes-Maximize your Sale

We are closely approaching the home buying season! And now even more homes than usual are on the market to sell. Having so many homes on the market results in a very competitive industry, so the question is “How do I make my home stand out from every other house?” The goal of this blog is to give you some helpful hints on how to make your house the one to sell first.