How to Host a Great Housewarming Party



Moving into a new house can give you an excellent excuse to throw a big bash, so take advantage of your brand-new space and celebrate with family and friends. Guests will be expecting you to still be adding the finishing touches, so don’t wait until your home is picture perfect. Bring on the party!

The Guest List

The informal nature of a housewarming means that the invitation list can be bigger than usual. You won’t need to worry about seating as you might for a more formal get-together, as guests will be taking tours of your new place, exploring at will or with a guide. Take this opportunity to invite friends you don’t regularly see and new neighbors you want to get to know.

The Invitations

There are plenty of ways to get out the word on your party. You can do an electronic invitation like an Evite or print invitations with pictures of your house, plus the driving directions and address so that your guests can find you easily. Paper invitations can be done inexpensively if you take the photo yourself and get it printed on a postcard or photo paper. Don’t forget to put the date and time in a prominent place.

Party Time

While some people prefer to select exact start and end times for their parties, others enjoy an open house gathering, with guests dropping in and out as they please. Lazy weekend afternoons will find both you and your guests in the perfect state of mind for a relaxed gathering.

Food and Drink

Housewarming parties don’t require a huge budget, since the mood tends to be casual and your guests will expect you to still be getting settled. While still adjusting to your new kitchen space and appliances, you might want to skip the experimental, show-stopping recipes and offer up some basic crowd-pleasers. Small bites like pita, vegetables and chips with dip, deviled eggs or frozen appetizers like mini quiches and spanakopita are always welcome. If funds allow, make it even easier on yourself and order pizza, wings or sandwich platters.

For drinks, be sure to have soft ones on hand along with beer, wine and whatever bar offerings your party budget allows. It’s also a good idea to have coffee and tea available. The food and entertaining site YumSugar has some great recipes and ideas for finger foods.


Set out a guest book so that you can remember who dropped in. Or, if you’re feeling creative, have your guests write their well-wishes on the blank pages of a scrapbook. You can later add pictures of the event to create a fun and meaningful keepsake.

A new home means a fresh start and is a great occasion to open your doors, literally and figuratively, to the old friends in your life and the new ones who now live nearby. Let your housewarming party signal the warmth and good times you hope to make a regular part of life in your new nest.