Green Energy Options for Your Home


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New, environment-friendly home energy options are being introduced every day. Saving money on utility bills and helping save the environment are easier than ever!

Conservation From the Ground Up

The two main issues in green energy are conservation and consumption. Once your home is designed to conserve as much energy as possible, you can decide what you are willing to consume.

Energy conservation is accomplished by many choices. Insulation of the walls and attic, placement and insulation of windows, choice of interior and exterior finishes and even selection of basic building materials can affect the overall energy efficiency of a home. Usually, efficient choices don’t require compromising the look, feel, or convenience of a home; they just require a little research.

Many states offer incentives for builders using environment-friendly, energy-efficient materials, and in certain areas it might even lead to tax breaks for the homeowner. A little extra research will let you know what options are available.

Utilitarian Utilities

Once the structure of the home is decided, the electrical, water, heating, and cooling systems can be chosen. While it is important to choose systems that are considered efficient on their own merits, they must also be appropriate to the size and layout of the specific home. Everything from overhead lighting to the placement of power outlets to the type of toilets affects the eventual efficiency of the home.

Gas vs. Electric

Natural gas companies advertise an environmentally ‘cleaner’ option than electric power, but rising costs have made it an impractical option for consumers in some parts of the country.

New high-efficiency electrical appliances can be just as environment-friendly without creating insurmountable utility bills. Household necessities from water heaters to fireplaces are available with electric options, giving consumers more choices than ever before.

Getting Into Hot Water

Hot water is both a comfort and a necessity in modern life. It can also be a big waste of resources. Heated water often travels a long distance through pipes before reaching its destination. Even a slight loss of heat on this journey makes the heater work harder, and that means wasted energy.

Meanwhile, gallons of water are going down the drain as people wait for the shower to heat up. Many consumers crank up the temperature on the heater to shorten the wait, but this means the whole tank is constantly being heated to the higher temperature – more wasted energy.

There are two excellent solutions to this dilemma. First, if possible, make sure the floor plan locates the hot water heater in the most efficient possible location to reach all outlets. Some designers even recommend an auxiliary heater for remote locations.

Another increasingly popular solution is ‘point of use’ water heaters. These high-efficiency electric heaters attach to the plumbing in the immediate location where hot water is used. The water is heated instantly as it is needed. This saves the energy required to keep an entire tank of hot water ready for use.

Solar and Other Futuristic Alternatives

You don’t need big silver plates on your roof to benefit from solar energy. Many solar-powered home accessories are available, from walkway and security lighting to landscape irrigation systems.

Many ‘futuristic’ household features are energy efficient as well as stylish. Innovations such as motion-activated lighting, automatic sinks and toilets, and voice-activated home electronics are becoming more common. The market is full of new items designed to conserve human energy as well as electrical power.

Don’t Believe the Hype

There is an old misconception among consumers that energy efficiency means sacrificing style, comfort, or both. At one time this may have been true, when saving energy meant wearing a coat inside in the winter to keep the heat turned down.

Modern technology has changed that. Environment-conscious products are the latest trend; so many of the hottest new products are also on the cutting edge of energy conservation.


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