Do Pensacola FL Home Inspections MatterWhen buying a home, some buyers question whether or not an inspection is necessary. The truth is, that they’re very important’ because they allow a buyer to learn more information about the home they’re purchasing. In some cases, a home inspection is required to obtain a home loan or mortgage.

Now that a buyer has decided to have a home inspection, they may be asking “Who should I call to inspect my home?” The answer to that question isn’t the friendly neighbor who is a plumber or an electrician. When having a home inspection performed, a licensed inspector should conduct the inspection. There’re many ways to find a person qualified to do the inspection. One way is to ask your realtor who they recommend or you can look up inspectors in the phone book.  

Home inspection(s) take both time and money, but are well worth it. On average a home inspection should take about three hours and cost a few hundred dollars. Before a home inspection is performed, be sure to ask the inspector about the test they’re doing or any questions you may have about the home. Not all inspectors conduct the same tests on every home, that’s why it’s important to ask what test are being done.  An important test the inspector needs to do is a test for mold.

After the inspection is completed, talk with the inspector about his/her finding and how much it will cost for the repairs that are needed. By finding out the repair cost, the buyer can decide whether they are willing to pay the repair fees or have the seller pay for the needed repairs. If the problems discovered in the home inspection are great enough, it might even change the buyers decision on purchasing the home.

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