Keep Your Pensacola, FL Fireplace Clean

As winter rolls in, you may start to day dream about the toasty evening in front of the cozy fireplace. Fireplaces are a great feature to have in your home, but you need to know how to properly maintain your fireplace so that you can safely enjoy it to its full potential.

Keep the Cold Out of Your Pensacola, FL Home

In Pensacola, FL our winters can chill you to the bone. On rare occasions we get a few flakes of snow. This winter, make your home energy efficient and slam the door on the harsh winter breeze. A gas furnace should be serviced once a year. Have your furnace serviced before the bone chilling temperatures role into town, no one wants the heater to go out in the dead of winter. Gas furnaces can also produce carbon monoxide and disperse it into your home.

Keep Your Pensacola, FL Home Cool During A Heat Wave

This summer has been one of the hottest summers the South has had in a while. In many places, daily highs reach 100 degrees every day for weeks on end. High temperatures have caused an expensive chain reaction. Many people are forced to crank up the air conditioner to stay cool, which causes their electric bills to sky rocket. I know I am guilty of being roped into this change reaction, so I went on a quest to find ways to save money and keep my house at a comfortable temperature and save money at the same time.

Pensacola, FL Homes-Maximize your Sale

We are closely approaching the home buying season! And now even more homes than usual are on the market to sell. Having so many homes on the market results in a very competitive industry, so the question is “How do I make my home stand out from every other house?” The goal of this blog is to give you some helpful hints on how to make your house the one to sell first.

Do Pensacola FL Home Inspections Matter?

When buying a home, some buyers question whether or not an inspection is necessary. The truth is that they’re very important; they allow a buyer to learn more information about the home they are purchasing. In some cases, a home inspection is required to obtain a home loan or mortgage.

Pensacola FL Home Warranties

You may think that a home warranty is only for the new home buyer. The fact is that home warranties are beneficial to both the home buyer and the home seller. Let me first explain what a home warranty is. A home warranty is a renewable service contract that covers the repair or replacement of those common home systems and major home appliances that can breakdown from normal wear and tear.

Pensacola FL Homes Title Insurance

Did you know that there are more than fifty different ways to lose your property and only one way to protect it. Do any of these situations ring a bell? Forged Deeds, Mortgages, Satisfactions or releases; Deed executed under a falsified or expired power of attorney; Deed not properly recorded or even a Deed to land without a right of access to a public road or street. These are just a few of the many “title defects” that could cause you to lose your Pensacola Florida Home.

Tips to Help Your Pensacola, FL Home’s Curb Appeal

One of the most important characteristics to sell a home is its curb appeal. A home’s curb appeal is what draws a buyer in. When standing in front of the property a buyer can see the property for what it truly is. However, often times the property’s true beauty does not transfer over to the computer screen when potential buyers are looking properties up online. A simple explanation of this is because the person taking the pictures of the home has not been told the three secrets of how to make a property’s natural beauty come through the other end of the camera.

Spruce Up Your Pensacola, FL Home~Easy and Inexpensive Ideas

Every homeowner experiences a time when their house needs some fixing up, either to make it more marketable or to make it more enjoyable for the homeowner’s everyday living. For many months we have seen and heard about the economy’s decline of home values. If you are getting ready to sell your home, now is definitely the time to make those home improvements so you can benefit from as much of your home sale as possible. Whatever reason you have to fixing up your house, here are some minimal home improvement tips that are considered to be “Do-It-Yourself” projects that will help you get top dollar for your home sale.

Approved Methods to Fix Aluminum Wiring in Your Pensacola, FL Home

Aluminum wiring was installed in thousands of homes between the years 1960 to 1980. At the time home builders thought it was a great idea to install aluminum wiring instead of copper wiring. Now days, many home insurance companies consider aluminum wiring to be a fire hazard. Since the insurance companies find it unsafe, they are dropping clients who have aluminum wiring and refusing to renew contracts. To fix the problem, until recently, the only solution was to completely rewire a home that is infected with aluminum wiring. However, as of March 15, 2011 the state-owned Citizens Property Insurance Corporation approved two different alternative methods that are a lot cheaper.