Pensacola, FL Homes-Maximize your Sale

We’re closely approaching the home buying season! And now even more homes than usual are on the market to sell, especially the Pensacola area . Having so many homes on the market results invery competitive industry. So, the question is “How do I make my home stand out from every other house?” The goal of this blog is to give you some helpful hints on how to make your house the one to sell first.

One thing some homeowners forget sometimes, can be a turn off to any home buyer, is how clean a home is when a buyer does a walk through.  If the floor boards are dirty and the sink is leaking or there is clutter all over the house, a home buyer might think that the home owners didn’t take care of the property. It’s also important to fix any loose knobs and doors/windows that stick when being opened and closed. These may seem like minor details to the home owner, but remember a home buyer wants a home that they can easily picture themselves in. If the home is cluttered or dirty and the small problems have not been fixed, it can make it difficult for the buyer to visualize themselves in the home.  

When the homeowner lists a property, they’re trying to sell their home, so, make sure to use great advertisement. Using distinguished advertisement means to have excellent photos of the home and an accurate floor plan attached to all flyer’s/handouts. When potential home buyers are interested in a property, more times than not they will look at photos of the home before they go see the home in person. If they don’t like the photos they see online or in a brochure, it might change their opinion of a home, resulting  in their loss of interest in the property. When providing a layout of the home, it would be smart to have a professional inspector create the floor plan, that way anyone who looks at the floor plan will know that the layout is accurate. When looking for a home, buyers want to find a home that the furniture they already own will fit.  By having an accurate floor plan the buyer will feel more secure that their furniture will work in the home.

Before a home owner leaves their home while it’s being shown, the homeowner should write a note to the people that are coming to view the house. In this note tell them the ten reasons why the home is a fantastic home. The note can contain anything from special characteristics of the home to the convenience it has to certain locations in the community, such as only being so far away from the local grocery store or park for kids to play at. The most important thing to add to the letter is a disclosure stating that the homeowner wrote the note, because Realtors are prohibited from divulging certain information about a neighborhood.  Be sure to  include the disclosure in the information about the home.  

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